There are many activities you can do while in the water. You can enjoy swimming, water sports, surfing, or fishing, though the latter is a challenging leisure activity for many people. However, those who no longer find normal fishing activities exciting explore other ways it can be done. In fact, surf fishing for sharks has sparked the interest of those who want more spontaneity. 

So, if you are up to try shark fishing trips in Port Aransas, here are several helpful points for you to know:

Preparing The Equipment

There are not many differences between the equipment used for catching sharks and those for smaller fishes. But for the enjoyment and safety of this activity, you may want to upgrade your kit and invest in the following tools:

Rod and Reel

A longer rod measuring 8 to 10 feet would be perfect for catching a shark from the shore. A stiff rod with a medium to heavy power rating will also help if the shark resists. 

The reel depends upon your preference. While a steering reel is commonly used, you may opt to use a casting reel instead. Whatever is your option, consider the distance that a hooked shark can swim, as the length is usually at 300 yards.

Line and Leaders

When testing fishing for sharks, be sure to use a 65-pound braid line for your main line. This will give you a strong hook, which can resist getting scratched and cut.

Instead of tying the hook on the mainline, tie it 1 to 3 feet of the monofilament test of 300 pounds. The prepared shock leader will extend the elasticity of your rig. You’ll also need to support it with a 6-foot steel reader just in case the shark bites the line. 

Sinkers and Hooks

A 4 to 8-ounce sinker is good enough, but you may want to add more weight to make the sinker heavier. This is because a heavy sinker will keep the bait in place, especially in strong currents. Then, tie the sinker on the monofilament rig and put a slider so that it can freely move. 

A circle hook usually catches the lip of the shark, which is why circle hooks are ideal. This hook also increases the survival rate of your catch if you wish to re-release it. Match the hook with your bait; a range of 6/0 to 10/0 should work.

Rod Spikes and Hook Removers

Keep in mind that catching a big fish may take a lot of your time. As such, you may want to buy a sturdy holder while you are waiting for your prize. Do not forget to bring your hook remover as well. An appropriate hook remover is essential to free your catch easier and keep your hands safe from any possible danger.

Shark Fishing Bait

To catch a big fish, you need a bait that is easy for them to notice. An ideal fish bait must be 8-10-inch long. Bluefish, whole squid, and menhaden are also good options.

Where To Spot Sharks

As opposed to what you might be aware of, sharks prefer to stay on the shore because this is where they usually feed. Because of this, if you are up for an adventure, try shark fishing on beaches near estuaries, bridges, and piers. With that, Port Aransas shark fishing trips are a must-try!


Surf fishing for sharks shall be completely safe as long as you are equipped with the proper techniques and tools to enjoy this activity. If you are new to the adventure, be sure not to be reckless while feeling the excitement!

Prepare your equipment and let one of the best Port Aransas fishing charters take care of the rest. At CAT Sport Fishing, we will help you have one of the best shark fishing trips of a lifetime. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!