Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our trips. Click the "+" next to each question to reveal the answer!

Both boats are great fishing boats, comfortable and are ready for the trip of a lifetime. The 37ft Invincible catamaran is a ‘go-fast’ fishing boat while the 45ft Cabo is a luxury fishing boat. Both boats offer the same styles of fishing and can accommodate any style of angler. The Cabo has the benefits of 3 AC’s, drier seating, full standup bathroom, and a very spacious layout making a full boat charter a breeze. The Invincible caters better to aggressive anglers while the Cabo is better for families and people who are more concerned with comfort in rough weather.

Yes, both boats are equipped with REAL bathrooms. On the Invincible the toilet is mounted in the console where space can be limited but it will get the job done. The Cabo has a full-sized stand-up bathroom with a shower and sink inside the cabin.

Both boats can legally take a maximum of 6 customers, there are no exceptions to this rule. Both boats can usually fish around 4 customers at the same time and are well experienced in rotating in our clients so nobody feels left out.

Your captain will be in contact with you a couple days before your trip to confirm the details of the charter, meeting times, location and game plan for the day.

Fisherman’s Wharf 900 Tarpon St. Port Aransas, TX 78373

We custom tailor each fishing trip to best suit our client’s needs. We offer everything from light, family friendly snapper charters to full day hardcore billfishing and overnight tuna charters.

When you can go!! Usually the best time for fishing is from May-October. This is when the water warms up and the fish begin to move in. However, the fishing in the ‘off-season’ can turn on at any given day. We suggest longer trips in the winter and spring to give your crew more time to put you on the fish.

On our 8 hour trips we typically run around 30-50 miles offshore and when in season we target red snapper, mahi mahi, wahoo, shark, kingfish, vermillion snapper, mangrove snapper, cobia, barracuda, blackfin tuna and amberjack. On 10hr trips we can run up to 65mi offshore. This trip offers the chance to go further and hit fishing spots with less pressure, giving you the chance to catch more big fish. A 10 hour trip opens more opportunity for trolling for mahi mahi, blackfin tuna, wahoo, marlin and sailfish or deep dropping with electric reels for tilefish, barrelfish and deep-water groupers. On our 12 hour trips we can do anything your heart desires; with the extra time we can reach up to 80 miles offshore and target almost any species in the Gulf. These trips commonly target swordfish, blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish. We only go swordfishing on our 12 hour trips because of how time consuming swordfishing can be.

Bring along whatever you would like to eat or drink throughout the day. Your captain will provide the coolers, water, and ice. You are more than welcome to bring alcohol we only ask that you stay within your limits. Please do not bring a cooler, we have plenty of integrated storage for your food and drinks on each boat and this keeps the deck of the boat clear of any obstructions. Please wear non-marking shoes or flip flops, barefoot is always welcome, your captain will rinse the bottoms of your shoes off before boarding. We recommend you bring ocean safe sunscreen ( Sun Bum or Protek), sunglasses, hat, and a fishing shirt to keep the sun off you. You are welcome to bring backpacks if we place them inside the cabin of each of the boats to keep the boat tidy. Every angler on the boat is required to have a valid saltwater fishing license which can be purchased on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. In the winter and spring, we recommend a windbreaker or waterproof jacket to keep you dry and warm.

No glass bottles and no bananas!

In the event of unsafe weather your captain will be in touch as early as possible to reschedule your trip. We can keep the deposit and move the trip to a later date, or we can return the deposit to you and let you take your time to plan your next trip. Your Captain will not take you offshore in unsafe weather. We can usually get a relatively accurate prediction on the weather around 3 days prior to the trip, but it is always subject to change or be inaccurate. There are some days in the Gulf of Mexico that are calm and safe enough to go fishing but are not exactly beautiful days. Speak with your captain about the specifics of the weather on your day, they will not steer you in the wrong direction. If the Captain turns the trip around due to bad weather you will not be penalized and can reschedule your trip with no loss of deposit; However, if the captain warns you that the weather is going to be undesirable, and you elect to go fishing regardless and you want to turn around your deposit will be forfeited to the crew for their time. There are exceptions to this rule and we will always do our best to do what is right by our clients. The same policy applies for rescheduling a trip because your schedule has changed or are unable to make the trip you booked as long as it is done at least 7 days prior to the trip date you will not lose your deposit. In the event of a family emergency or any other extenuating circumstance your deposit will be returned in full or the trip can be rescheduled to a later date.

The trip price includes Boat, bait, ice, tackle, fuel, captain, deckhand, water, and a lot of fun! It does not include fish cleaning which is available for purchase at the dock for $0.60 per pound. The fish cleaners are very talented and quick. When it comes to tipping it is completely up to you. It is never expected but always very appreciated. Base your tip on how your experience went, typically, 10-20% is normal. Our captains and crew work extremely hard to meet your needs so let them know at the end of the trip what you liked or what could be done better.

Red Snapper June 1 – August 19
Amberjack May 1 – May 31, August 1 – October 31
Swordfish Year round
Mahi Mahi May 1 – October 31, best from July – September
wahoo feb – April and June – October
Blackfin tuna best from august – September but can be caught year-round in the right conditions
Yellowfin Tuna (Overnight only) best from October – April, but are here year round
Cobia may – September
Marlin and Sailfish best from July – September but can be caught year round
Tilefish, Barrelfish, Grouper year round
Mangrove snapper June – October
sharks, barracuda, kingfish, vermillion snapper year round

Yes, all trips are family and kid friendly. We size the fish to the angler so if you have some little ones, we can certainly find a fish that will put a smile on their face. Please be aware that the Gulf does get rough and not all days are suited for the little ones. Best time for bringing kids is during snapper season where we can guarantee they get to catch some fish. We recommend fishing on the Cabo with kids as it is a more stable ride and has AC in case they get hot. The Invincible is still fine to book with kids we just need to be more mindful of the weather.

Certainly. We can always extend our trip while we are offshore, just let your guide know beforehand that it’s a possibility so we can ensure that we have appropriate tackle on board. When it comes to shortening a trip or coming in early that is always an option. The only thing to remember when coming in early is that our prices are based on distance we must travel offshore and how much fuel that costs. So for example if we are fishing far offshore on a 12hr trip and you would like to come in early we still have to charge for a 12hr trip because we have already burned the fuel. We have some flexibility when it comes to this and will do our best to do right by our clients and only charge for what you get out of the trip. As long as you make it known early we can always fish for however long you like.

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