Many people enjoy sport fishing for a number of reasons. Part of the thrill is when certain species are sought out. This leads many people to explore areas outside their home bases, leading to fishing trips that occur in a state that’s outside their own. For situations like that, it’s key to look for captains of Port Aransas bay fishing charters that have a solid, good reputation. In order to make the most of a fishing trip, charter captains that are on the local level combined with guides who are in the know are great allies. This is particularly vital when the waterways that will be navigated are all-new.

Of course, new waters with a new guide can be rather tricky. A great way to offset this is to ask Port Aransas offshore fishing charters a number of questions.

What are some good questions to ask before a fishing charter is booked?

QUESTION: Are kids allowed?

Children are typically welcomed by guides on trips like these. A good rule of thumb would still be to communicate with the captain beforehand regarding not just how many of them are coming, but how old they are. It will allow for gear and more importantly life jackets appropriate for their ages to be prepared. This can also play a role in the overall strategy for fishing so that there’s constant entertainment for the younger ones.

QUESTION: How many people fit the boat capacity?

Of course, there are regulations that go with fishing charter boats. These vary depending on how big the boat actually is. Take into consideration how many people there are in your party, and what the legal, actual capacity of the boat you would like to get is in the first place. That way, you can make sure everything’s set and there won’t be a sudden lack of space or overcrowding.

QUESTION: How much deposit is required for a reservation to be made?

Inquiries over the phone are just that: inquiries. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ve already got a fishing charter boat reserved after a chat or two with the captain. In order to be certain, inquire about how much the deposit is should one be necessary, and the preferred mode of payment.

QUESTION: Is there certification by the United States Coast Guard?

It should be a non-negotiable that the charter you’re looking into is certified by the United States Coast Guard. When that’s the case, the charter guide or captain is surely updated on safety regulations, has maritime law knowledge that came from studying, has several hours logged on the water, and most of all got credentials through passing a certain examination. A good subquestion along the same lines is whether or not there is proper insurance involved.


Sport fishing leads people to go on interesting adventures, including traveling to another state and navigating new waterways. The best way is to get in touch with a local guide and fishing charter captain from the area. To ensure they’re linking up with the right one, ask questions like whether they’re certified by the United States Coast Guard, how much deposit is required, and if kids are allowed.

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