The Fish that call Port Aransas ‘Home’

Port Aransas, TX is a great place for deep sea fishing, with an abundance of species found in the waters off its coast. From snapper and grouper to redfish and even blue marlin, anglers will have no shortage of opportunities to find their catch when they set out with a CAT Sport Fishing crew.

Snapper can be found year-round in the waters around Port Aransas and are one of the most popular catches for those looking to do some deep sea fishing. In addition to the common Red Snapper, other species such as the Vermillion Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Grey Snapper, Lane Snapper and Silk Snapper can also be caught in these waters. With its firm white flesh and mild flavor, any Deep Sea Fisherman will tell you that snappers are one of their favorite catches!

Grouper are another fish commonly found in Deep Sea Fishing trips originating from Port Aransas. The Gag Grouper is a common catch here with its distinct black spots on a brown body. Other species such as Black Sea Bass, Speckled Hind Grouper and Yellow Edge Grouper are also found nearby when Deep Sea Fishing in Port Aransas. Known for its texture and flavorful meat grouper makes for a great catch for Deep Sea Fishermen.

In addition to snappers or groupers Deep Sea Fishing from Port Aransas can yield Redfish which is known by many fishermen as one of the best tasting fish available in these waters. Along with Redfish other gamefish such as tarpon, king mackerel, cobia can all be caught while Deep Sea Fishing off the shores of Port Aranasas. And if you’re lucky enough you may even spot a Blue Marlin which would surely make your Deep Sea Fishing trip an unforgettable experience!

For deep sea fishermen looking for an adventure near Port Aransas, there are plenty of options available when it comes to catching different kinds of fish! From redfish to snappers and groupers there’s something caught here that can satisfy any type of fisherman’s cravings while out on their charter! Whether looking for culinary delight or just some good fun battling against some powerful fish out at sea- with CAT Sport Fishing of Port Aransas there’s something for everyone!