Charter fishing is a fun experience that you can do almost year-round with friends, family, or even just by yourself. But as spontaneous as you can be with these types of trips, most especially if you just live around the area, you can’t leave the house without the essentials—and no, we’re not just talking about your fishing equipment. 

You need to bring some other things to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout the whole trip. Here are some things you should not forget.

Charter Fishing Trip Essentials Checklist

Weather Protection

Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a cloudy day, UV rays can still harm your skin. And since you’ll be spending most of your time on a boat waiting for a bite, you will be exposed to a lot of sun. 

To protect you from sunburn, bring some sunblock—enough to cover your entire body. Bring shades and other accessories to protect your eyes and a cap to protect your head from the heat. 

Ample Storage

You need a good backpack to store everything you need for the trip. It needs to be a multi-compartment bag with plenty of space for your wallet, phone, water flask, car keys, and more. It would also be a plus if this was waterproof just in case things get a little wet and splashy on the boat. 


If you or a person on your trip doesn’t have much experience in open water, they might get a little seasick. Make sure that you have medication ready for that.

Do you have plans for wrangling a big one? Then don’t forget some protective gloves and a simple first aid kit in case something happens. Leave pride out of the conversation and take a couple of bandages with you just in case.

Extra Clothing and Towels

Being out on the water will obviously require you to get a little wet. Sometimes, things may end up getting a little too rowdy. It always helps to come prepared with extra clothes and a towel just in case. And if you end up doing other water-related activities around the area, a swimsuit can come in handy.

Optional Items 

There are some items that some would consider optional, but others would prefer to have. Things like an action camera will be great for capturing fun moments. Entertainment items like a book, magazine, or mini-speaker can help pass the time. 


Charter fishing is a fun thing to do when you properly plan for it. Everything that you bring with you can make your outdoor experience far more pleasant. As long as you pack these items alongside your fishing gear, you’ll be all set for your adventure.

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