Port Aransas Gulf Fishing: What to look for and which bait to use

You only have to glimpse at a Port Aransas Gulf fishing report to learn that this is an area that is blessed with an abundance of species. If you plan to head down to Port Aransas and book a fishing charter, or you’re a fan of Port Aransas Gulf fishing, here are some tips to help you choose the right bait and decide when to go out fishing:

Types of fish

The Gulf is home to a diverse range of fish. Here is a list of common types with suggestions for the best bait and fishing seasons:

  • Spanish Mackerel: May to September, spoon and live mullet bait
  • Ling (Cobia): April to October, live perch, ribbon fish, sardine, and jig bait
  • Pompano: October to April, shrimp and fish bites bait
  • Kingfish: all year round, ribbon fish, cigar minnow, and lure bait
  • Dolphin (mahi-mahi): July to October, artificial squid and jig bait
  • Sailfish: July to September, mullet, lure, and ballyhoo bait
  • Marlin: July to September, live tuna, ballyhoo, and lure bait
  • Barracuda: all year round, ballyhoo, lure and live blue runner bait
  • Red snapper (offshore): June to August, live perch and squid bait
  • Grouper: December to April, large whole fish bait
  • Amberjack: May to August, live and jig bait

Port Aransas Bay Fishing

Port Aransas Bay offers opportunities to catch a diverse range of fish. While the season often affects which types of fish you can catch in Port Aransas Gulf, the bay is a treasure trove throughout the year.

Whether you’re taking a trip in the summer, or you’re fishing in the fall, you can use this Port Aransas Bay fishing report to learn more about the types of fish that frequent the waters and which bait to use to maximize your chances of success.

Types of fish and bait

  • Redfish: shrimp, mullet, and lure bait
  • Speckled Trout: shrimp, perch, and lure bait
  • Drum: shrimp and crab bait
  • Flounder: shrimp, lure, and finger mullet bait

These species visit the bay all-year-round, providing visitors and local anglers with the chance to land a catch whatever the season.

Preparing for a Port Aransas fishing trip

Port Aransas is famed for its diverse range of fish species, as well as the stunning scenery that provides a backdrop for fishing trips and charters. If you’re organizing a day out, or you plan to visit the area and see what all the fuss is about, it’s an excellent idea to check Port Aransas fishing reports for the Gulf and the Bay to see which types of fish you’re likely to catch at different times of the year and decide which bait to use.


Port Aransas is an excellent place to fish, with a choice of fishing trips available in Port Aransas Bay and the Gulf. Whether you’re relatively new to angling, or you love to fish and you’re looking to plan a trip in the area, fishing reports will help you boost your chances of having fun and enjoying good fishing out on the water.