The beauty of being an angler is that you can always find unique fishing experiences, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re fishing for salmon in Alaska or spotting shorts in Port Aransas, there is always an intriguing way to harness and develop your fishing skills. However, you’ll only be welcome on these sites if you’re a proper fishing charter client.

How to Be a Model Fishing Charter Client

Like any outdoor trip, anglers need to follow certain etiquette on board a charter boat. Since you’re simultaneously a client and guest on someone’s sea vessel, it’s vital to mind your manners and respect your crew.

In this article, we’ll share three essential dos of being a fishing charter client.

1. Keep Your Hands Off Bananas on a Charter Boat

Starting with some of the more silly charter boat etiquette, no angler must bring a banana on a boat. To take it to an extreme, you’re also not allowed to mention the word bananas or talk about it in any context. It’s a peculiar superstition that has been passed on for generations, with many old sailors in the 1700s correlating a cargo of bananas as a sign of bad luck. This causes the boat to seemingly be avoided by fish or have mechanical failures on the engine.

While being forbidden to talk about bananas may seem like a silly tradition, it’s still a sign of bad character to attempt to bring it up anyway. After all, there’s nothing to gain and potentially everything to lose by opening your mouth with bad intentions.

2. Communicate with Your Captain

Charter boats go on different routes to fish on several fishing spots, so you need to communicate to your captain the fishing experience you want to have. Being as specific as possible can help them plot a route that will work best for you. It’s vital to give them this information at least a week before your fishing trip. This is because they have to consider multiple variables before heading out to sea.

Since you’ll spend a lot of time in open water, your charter boat’s captain needs to assess weather predictions, water conditions, and even fish behavior. These variables combined contribute to how successful of a trip you’ll have. Besides taking you to your ideal fishing spot, they’ll also give you pointers on the proper fishing methods to try (and some you must steer away from). Getting to know your captain is an excellent way to enrich your experience as an angler, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran.

3. Tip Your Fishing Crew

Not all fishing crews have a standard salary, which is why they’re dependent on clients for their monthly income. This is why it’s important to be open to tipping your fishing crew. Similar to ordering in a restaurant, the standard amount you should give is 10-15% of your bill. Don’t forget to recommend your experience to fellow anglers as your thanks for a successful and enjoyable trip!


Whether you’re ordering a meal at a restaurant or taking a trip on a charter boat, it’s important to be on your best behavior as a customer. Otherwise, you could make a bad reputation for yourself as a lousy patron. This is why being mindful of your manners as a fishing charter client will affect your fishing opportunities in the long term. Remember, a respectable client attracts a respectable service and vice-versa.

Once you’re all packed and ready to get your fishing game on, it’s time to schedule your trip with the right charter boats. At CAT Sport Fishing, we offer anglers unique fishing experiences such as shark fishing and deep sea fishing trips in Port Aransas, TX. Book our charter boats today!