If you’re an angler or fishing enthusiast of any sort, it’s probably a must on your bucket list to go visit all the fishing capitals in the world. One of the key locations for international anglers is Port Aransas, and its fame for sport fishing is well-deserved. 

Some may find a bit of hesitation when coming to fish at Port Aransas, but it’s pretty worth the trip. Here’s a short intro about the locality and why you should go fish there. 

Why Go to Port Aransas?

Port Aransas is located in Texas and a section surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Corpus Christi, two very popular fishing sites. Port Aransas used the slogan ‘Where They Bite Everyday’ as a way to market themselves as a fishing capital.

The docks in Port Aransas did have quite the history as it has been hit by a hurricane in two separate events almost 100 years apart. However, locals are quite persistent about rebuilding them in the face of disaster, which is nothing less than admirable. Without those actions, Port Aransas would have never been one of the most significant contributors to Texan tourism. 

There are several areas in Port Aransas for almost every angler of any level. There are spaces for casual inshore fishing that wouldn’t require you to move away for the ground to have a large casting distance. However, Port Aransas is also famous for its offshore fishing, allowing deep-sea fishing enthusiasts to make a catch. 

What Can You Catch in Port Aransas?

There’s no shortage of fish species that anglers can catch at Port Aransas, especially as it’s home to the world’s fishing records and tournaments. Here are six kinds of fish you may find in Port Aransas:

  • Tuna – A tuna or tunny is part of the mackerel fish family and is caught in saltwater. This species usually shows up all year round and is just great for dishes. 
  • Trout – Trout is usually found in rivers and freshwater but can also be found in saltwater. Its presence just really confirms how diverse the waters in Port Aransas are.
  • Flounder – Flounder is referred to as a flatfish that can be tough to chance and catch. They like to hide but can usually be coaxed with smaller fish baits.
  • Redfish – Redfish or Red Drum love to linger in the same area where they were born. They’re relatively easy to bait, though there are restrictions on when it’s allowed.
  • Red Snapper – Red Snapper is a big pinkish fish that’s usually caught when offshore fishing. It takes an experienced angler’s hand to pull them out of the water. 
  • King Mackerel – King Mackerel or Kingfish has a reputation for being quite the challenge to catch due to size. They only appear during a certain season too.

When Should You Go to Port Aransas?

It could depend on what you want to catch since some species are more prominent and come out more in certain months. June and July are quite the busy months for anglers as there are a lot of fishes available and tournaments begin. August will probably be the month for you if you just want some peace and quiet on a boat offshore. 


If you want to add something to your bucket list, definitely list down sport fishing in Port Aransas. Beginners and experienced anglers can enjoy the site of the docks and members of the community that’s bringing home a catch.

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