Catching Fish Off the Port Aransas Coast

If you are looking for a Gulf of Mexico adventure, you should definitely plan a fishing trip in Port Aransas. It is known for once being a pirate’s paradise filled with treasures. Nowadays, you can still bag the best rewards of the ocean: big, healthy fish! But what exactly awaits you and other fisherfolk once you cast your lines? 

This article will discuss four kinds of big-time fish you can catch around Port Aransas. Take this as an opportunity to appreciate the great, better outdoors as you take a much-needed break from the house. This way, you can put your fishing skills to the test, display your catches proudly, and become one of the best anglers around! 


Texas’ coastal bend is famous for the redfish, the Lone Star state’s official saltwater fish. It is a feisty, delicious specimen abundant in Port Aransas and a popular catch for many. It can even be considered a rite of passage for first-time fisherfolk looking to brave the open waters for their first successful catch.

If you want the best redfish as your catch of the day, you should go right to the source, which is Redfish Bay. It is teeming with big, impressive fish, and your guide will put you on them. Just be patient and don’t settle for anything less than a big one! 


Another popular, well-loved fish on Port Aransass’ Redfish Bay fishing trips, is the flounder. Flounder is a popular fish on our bay fishing charters. But if you truly want to make the most of your trip, you should come during the summer, preferably during the darker hours since the waters are warm. They are also tasty and a great beginner’s catch if you want to become a more experienced angler. 

Speckled Trout

If you are looking for a trophy-like trout to catch, you should try the speckled trout or spotted trout. It can be more agile and pull aggressively, depending on its size, meaning you have to be careful when catching one. The good news is once you are more skilled with reeling in your fish, you can have an easier time angling the trout. Don’t forget to cook it up and eat it too! 

Tuna and Mahi-Mahi

If you want to be known as an expert fisherman or fisherwoman, then the Port Aransas offshore fishing trips are for you. It gives you the chance to get the biggest fish over there, like tuna and mahi-mahi. These fishes are also known for their exquisite taste, making them a worthy catch for any big game angler. However, you do need to observe the rules set by the state before going offshore

You are required to go with a Port Aransas fishing guide since they have the federal license and expertise to take you 30-100 miles offshore to find the best fish. You may even get the chance to catch rarer specimens, like sailfish and marlin. Just ensure you book your trip from midsummer up to fall, so you can come back around wintertime for repeat trips and a second chance at angling the best! 


Port Aransas is one of the most popular and beloved fishing locations in Texas. Now, you have a better idea of what you can reel in once you go on your next trip. Just ensure you contact the experts, like our team, to have an unforgettable time! 

Are you in need of the best Port Aransas fishing charter to wangle up impressive specimens? Partner with us at CAT Sport Fishing. We can also offer you private luxury fishing trips and other services to make your time on open waters a memorable experience. Book your next trip with us to make sure you catch them all!

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